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Biodroga Skin Care


Luxurious power care for perfect skin.
The extra portion of luxury that pampers your skin superbly. Precious caviar extract, essential vitamins and high- quality minerals in the purest, most concentrated form give it a feeling of consummate care. Powdery rose fragrance envelops you in a sheer veil of scent.


GLOBAL ANTI-AGE CELL FORMULA with BIOACTIVE ANTI-AGE COMPLEX (Argania phyto stem cells and biopeptides) was particularly developed for these deficits. The concentration of natural hyaluronic acid is improved, and the moisture depots of skin are replenished. Skin becomes tighter and more elastic again, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and facial features re-contoured


The revolution in moisture care
The innovative ingredients of the INTENSE MOISTURE FORMULA skincare line stimulate the aquaporines within the skin. Aquaporines are proteins which form channels in the cell membrane and control the water transportation in the skin.


The system for oxygen-deficient skin
As vitalizing as a fresh breeze! With this care your skin can breathe freely again when too little oxygen leaves it looking tired and pale. So that initial fine lines haven’t a chance. Choose your individual care depending on skin type.


Take time for your daily morning and evening cleansing ritual. To feel clean and well-groomed. And to prime your skin for subsequent care. The various cleansing products are chosen depending on your skin type, regardless of your personal biological beauty care system


Conditioned with a system that gives your skin natural protection, restoring its equilibrium and lending you a complexion that is a joy to see.